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Dream Honeymoon Destinations

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Posted on August 20 2018

Dream Honeymoon Destinations

While caught up in wedding planning, it can feel daunting to simultaneously be planning a big trip afterward. Trust us, taking some time to book a vacation for after your wedding is well worth the extra planning time! It will give you something to look forward to after the excitement surrounding your wedding has died down, and it will give you and your partner the perfect opportunity to relax and recharge together.

Here are the honeymoon destinations that have us daydreaming at our desks. We made sure to include a destination for every kind of couple.

For the laid-back lovers: Croatia. An increasingly popular tourist destination thanks to being featured in Game of Thrones, Croatia is beautiful, affordable and has an interesting history. Get ready for incredible architecture and breathtaking seaside views along the Dalmatian coast. Not to mention – the food is delicious and the wine plentiful and affordable. All of the makings of an amazing trip.

For the hopeless romantics: Paris. A cliché for a reason, Paris is the perfect city for honeymooners. Stroll along the bank of the Seine, take in a museum or people-watch in one of the seemingly endless cafes. Eat and drink like kings and queens, or even visit their former quarters at Versailles. Take a picnic to one of Paris’ gorgeous, grassy parks or eat in some of the world’s best restaurants. Hemingway certainly wasn’t lying when he said Paris was a moveable feast – you’ll bring the French joie de vivre back home and into your first year or marriage after honeymooning here.

For the adventurers: Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and beyond). If your honeymoon sounds like a great excuse to put your out of office on and give into the wanderlust that has you dazing off at work, this is for you.  This is the trip for newlyweds looking to experience the thrill of learning about a new place and culture together. An adventurous palate certainly helps – this part of the world has diverse and delicious cuisine that they are eager to share with visitors. For easygoing, seasoned travelers who are just waiting for their next adventure, this is the honeymoon for you.

For the wine-enthusiasts: Napa & Sonoma. Rent a car and drive a couple of hours outside San Francisco to discover the rolling hills of wine country. No need to go all the way to Europe to experience interesting wines amidst incredible scenery. Take in a few wine tours and tastings, perhaps accompanied by a meal Thomas Keller’s famed Bouchon in Yountville. Need some inspiration while planning your visit? Watch 2008 film Bottle Shock – with a nice glass of California Chardonnay, of course.

For the outdoorsy types: Banff & Lake Louise. Explore your way through this gem in Western Canada. Breathtaking mountains punctuate the rugged landscape in this vacation destination that has plenty to do and see. In the winter, ski, check out the hot springs and get cozy by the fire. In the summer, there is no shortage of outdoor activities: climbing, biking, fishing, canoeing, hiking and more. If fresh, clean air sounds like your idea of the perfect vacation, Banff and Lake Louise may be the honeymoon for you.

For the beach-bums & sunset chasers: Santorini & Mykonos. A place where sunset gathers such a crowd, I thought that I may have just missed Madonna. These Greek islands have it all: beautiful views, warm and wonderful people, amazing food and white sand beaches (and black and red sand for when you want something different). Looking for a party? You’ll find that in Mykonos during high season. Looking for a quiet, romantic seaside meal? Santorini has got you covered. Pro tip: skip the potentially bumpy ferry ride for a quick plane ride from Athens to maximize your enjoyment of these idyllic islands.

Bon voyage newlyweds! Don’t forget to send us a postcard!

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