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Should I wear a veil?

Modern Love

Posted on July 18 2018

Should I wear a veil?

As weddings become less traditional, many brides may debate whether or not to wear a veil. We definitely did the same! At Modern Love, we believe that there’s no right approach to weddings, and believe in marching to the beat of your own drum (or DJ, or string quartet…you get the picture). To help you decide, we’ve compiled a pro and con list:


  1. This is likely your only opportunity to wear a veil! There are very few occasions where it is appropriate to get all dolled up in a white dress with a veil, so why not? A veil will make you look instantly bridal, whether you’re wearing a gown, a minidress or a jumpsuit!
  2. You can buy one for under $100! A veil doesn’t have to break the bank – our collection of veils is stylish and inexpensive, so you can buy one without going over your wedding budget:
  3. You can wear one without ruining your hair. My biggest hesitation about wearing a veil was whether it would ruin my hairstyle for the rest of the night. Many veils, including ours, can be put into your hair with a metal comb which slides in and out of your hairstyle without ruining it! Your hair stylist can assist you with putting it in and can show you how to remove it easily.

Should I wear a veil?


  1. A veil can get difficult to manage in windy settings, like beach weddings. If you’re getting married outside, you may wish to opt out of a veil so that you can focus on enjoying the moment rather than swatting tulle out of your face.
  2. You may have your heart set on a beautiful veil alternative such as a flower crown or vintage comb. Brides are increasingly opting for alternate hair accessories that are more suited to their style. We’ve got you covered! We carry beautiful flower crowns that are perfect for a more bohemian bridal look:
  3. A veil may not be your style. We believe that the best wedding day looks make a bride feel like a completely fabulous version of herself. If picturing yourself in a veil makes you feel like you’re playing dress-up, skip it!

If you’ve decided to wear a veil, but aren’t sure which one will match your dress – consult the Modern Love veil style guide:, or reach out to one of our stylists at:

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