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Top 6 Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas

Modern Love

Posted on April 09 2018

Cocktail style reception

If a traditional ceremony followed by a sit-down dinner (complete with assigned seating, a multi-course dinner and a DJ, of course) doesn’t feel like it fits your personalities, you may be considering alternative wedding ideas. But where to begin?! In all likelihood, you have only ever attended traditional weddings – same goes for your parents, future in-laws and anyone else who has any input into your wedding plans. This means that a creative approach to your ceremony and reception is sometimes a tough sell.

From experience, the tough sell is totally worth it. Why? An alternative approach to your wedding means that you end up with a day that feels right and reflects you as a couple. It also may mean that you can save on some of the traditional wedding costs, which is a huge bonus at a time when it feels like the expenses are never-ending.

Here’s Modern Love’s list of non-traditional wedding ideas to get you started:

  1. A cocktail-style reception – incorporate lounge-style furniture, food stations and/or passed appetizers and great music to keep your guests mixing, mingling and dancing. Major benefits – you get to avoid worrying about who is going to sit at which table, and your guests get to eat, drink and dance whenever they want!
  2. A brunch wedding – who doesn’t love brunch?! Planning your wedding for earlier in the day means that you have tons of fun food options – pancakes, French toast and eggs benny, oh my! A brunch wedding also means major savings on your bar tab. You can still raise a celebratory glass by serving brunch cocktails like mimosas and caesars, but your guests are likely to drink a lot less at 10am than 10pm. Your wallet will thank us later.
  3. A wedding at a favourite bar or restaurant – consider choosing a local bar or restaurant that you love to host your ceremony, reception, or both! So many bars and restaurants have beautiful décor/furniture, a great menu and the perfect wine/beer/cocktail list – all the makings of a great celebration!
  4. A reception or ceremony in a condo party room – if either you or someone you are close to lives in a condo, you may be able to rent their party room for a nominal cost. You can bring in décor to make the space your own, and you won’t be restricted to the bar/catering policies of a traditional venue, so you can bring in anything you like – whether that’s pizza and beer or Dom Perignon and oysters.
  5. A tented wedding – many wedding planners offer tented wedding services. They will assist you with choosing a fabulous outdoor location (hello, gorgeous pictures!), and bringing in décor, flowers and catering. A tented wedding is a blank canvas – the perfect opportunity to express your personalities when planning.
  6. A wedding at a cottage, vineyard or camp nearby – this option is basically a weekend getaway crossed with a wedding. Plus – there’s no need to worry about transportation or designated drivers if all of your guests are staying over. Consider renting out a sleepaway camp in the spring before they open for the season, or in the early fall before they close the grounds. So much room for activities!!

Happy planning!

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