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Which Veil Will Match my Wedding Dress?

Modern Love

Posted on June 27 2018

Which Veil Will Match my Wedding Dress?


So you’ve finally picked out your wedding dress! Whether you were lucky enough to find it at the first store that you tried, or scoured countless boutiques and websites before finding a style that felt right, this is definitely an exciting purchase. While you wait months for the dress to actually arrive, you now have time to shift your focus to accessorizing your wedding day look. Cue the eye roll – we know that between work, your social life, planning a wedding and finding some time to keep you sane in between, your spare moments are few and far between. This is where Modern Love comes in. Our collection of veils can be ordered online from the comfort of your couch. Even better, most of our veils come in at less than $100!

Here’s our rundown of each style so that you know exactly which one will match your dress perfectly:

The Rory Raw Edge Fingertip Veil: Simple, light and airy, this veil will complement shorter dresses and jumpsuits without competing. It is also perfect for long wedding dresses with clean lines as it will add a bridal touch without taking focus off of the main event: your amazing dress and gorgeous smile.

The Phoebe Pencil Edge Fingertip Veil: Stylish and elegant, the Phoebe is a fingertip veil with a finished edge. This is the perfect length for brides who want a veil that will play best supporting actress to their wedding day look, without stealing the show. It will complement more structural, modern dresses and jumpsuits whether they are short or long.

The Lorelai Raw Edge Floor-Length Veil: More dramatic than a fingertip style, our floor length veils create a delicate pool of tulle at your feet. The Lorelai can provide some of the same grace and movement of a train but will allow you to transition seamlessly from the aisle to the dance floor once you take it off. Perfect for floor length dresses or dresses with a minimal train.

The Monica Pencil Edge Floor-Length Veil: A finished pencil edge is the perfect contrast to our light, airy tulle. A floor length veil with a pencil edge will add grace and sophistication to floor length dresses and those styles with a smaller train. The Monica pairs perfectly with simple, minimalist and more structured dress styles.

The Emily Raw Edge Chapel-Length Veil: Calling all brides with a fabulous, luxurious train on their dresses – this is the veil for you. A chapel-length veil will fall delicately on top of the train of your dress, adding even more movement and drama to your style. The raw edge will keep you from being weighed down by all of the fabric, allowing you to glide down the aisle and straight over to the celebration!

The Rachel Pencil Edge Chapel-Length Veil: Loving the idea of the Emily, but looking for a more finished look to your veil? The Rachel is the style for you. This style works well with a variety of dress styles with mid-length to longer trains. The pencil edge adds a dash of sophistication to fuller skirts and plays nicely with more clean lines – versatile, fabulous and just a little dramatic. Kind of like Rachel herself.

All of our veils are made with ivory tulle which matches a wide range of wedding dress shades, from white to cream.

Still feeling unsure? One of our stylists would love to help you pick out the perfect veil! Drop us a line at: We can’t wait to hear from you!

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